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Friday, July 03, 2015

Warm Champagne -
La Ferté-sous-Jouarre to Chateau-Thierry

We had been looking forward to  take our time poking through the Champagne region, newly listed as an area of world heritage value.  With the arrival of summer with such vengeance though, we are looking forward to taking our time when next we travel down the Marne.  For now we are content to keep moving, generating what little breeze we can as Mr Perkins continues uncomplaining, to push us at a steady seven kilometres per hour through the heavy haze.

The river is undeniably beautiful, it’s colours muted by the heat haze that is present until late in the evening, so that its not hard to get the feeling we are moving through an old photograph which has been left to fade.

Tonight though we found our tree, and will sit under it until almost midnight listening to our British and New Zealand neighbours telling us how we should be used to the heat and we will lie about how it’s all quite pleasant really, while keeping our fingers crossed.


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