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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Does my bum look grey in this? -

Anyone whose been paying attention over the years will know that whenever we stay in Chalons every business in town happens to be on holidays, so it came as something of a shock to discover that not only did we arrive on Market day, but that the town was bustling in a way that we would not previously have considered possible.

Perhaps we have been out of step with the world this year, because it seems that we have managed to arrive on market day more often than not, thereby availing ourselves of what one of us describes as “fresh” produce, while the other risks life and limb by suggesting that since it all comes from the same bulk markets that the supermarkets buy from, the only thing that is missing are the bar codes.  It’s a much nicer experience than shopping in clean, air conditioned supermarkets apparently, and we don’t pay much of a premium for rubbing elbows with pickpockets and avoiding dog excrement in the streets, or for the necessity of taking one’s own egg cartons along.  

Whether it’s because the chef is happy one cannot say, but there does seem to be an inspired edge to what is produced from the galley after one of these sorties.  Therefore visits to markets will continue at every opportunity.

We have thus far managed to avoid buying clothing though, unsure as we are about the colours, which may look fine on a mannequin, matching our skin tones. 

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