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Friday, August 26, 2016


After experiencing another blinding start into the mist refracted sun it was fairly evident that another cloudless sky would soon be evident and the only thing that was going to be cooked on our little boat by the end of the day would be us.    Thankfully, just as the thermometer nudged “unpleasant” we arrived in Besançon, strategically choosing a mooring that would be in the shade of the University buildings by mid afternoon, and quickly set about finding somewhere air conditioned to spend the intervening time.

The Citadel was out, because we may have melted on the climb. The clock tower doesn’t open till three.  The Museum of Beautiful Arts was out of the equation too, as it, though normally open every day was closed for renovation.  Just opposite it we spotted a brasserie which appeared to be suitably acclimatised although even in the early throes of lunch hour was bursting at the seams save just one little table for three, vacant, near the window.

Les, who had been rather keen to find a place to take us for dinner this evening, took this as an omen that lunch might just make a fine substitute and under the circumstances who were we to disagree?   By the time we emerged with core temperatures moderated, deep shadows covered half the streets enabling us to continue our perambulations into the afternoon in conditions some would describe as approaching comfortable.  

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