Legends from our own lunchtimes

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Divide and conquer.

Not all of those aboard wanted to spend all day wandering the centre of the village while slowly roasting.  There were far too many shops displaying glittering trinkets and shoes and handbags for his liking, so despite the kind and generous offer of the others to allow him to accompany them as they flitted from air-conditioned shop to coffee house to cafe, he chose a different path.

Actually it was the same path, but travelled in a quarter of the time it took his female counterparts, even allowing time to be distracted by the little courtyards that distinguish the architecture of the city, and the visits to its extremities on his way home where he could while away the afternoon in wondrous silence.  

Silence that is until the grand reunion over dinner on Jan and Toby’s afterdeck, where perhaps if it were not for the concert across the river and the piano in the cafe above, we may well have given rise to a noise complaint ourselves.

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