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Monday, August 29, 2016

Fixing a hole where the rain comes through.

The first night we had guests on board all those years ago, it rained.   Then they found the leaks over their bunks or perhaps after donning rain coats and packing all they held precious in plastic bags held high above their heads, they waded and dog paddled to the saloon table where they spent the night or what was left of it.

Despite annual concerted efforts to find the source, each year brings us a slightly relocated although ever diminishing trickle from somewhere in the hood lining.  Fortunately for Les, while the heat was less than comfortable for almost the duration of her visit, blue skies prevailed until the moment we began to escort her to the station.  

Fortunately for us as well, the rain was to be not much more than a shower bringing with it the promise of more temperate conditions and allowing us a gentle stroll through the old city back to the boat, and eventually to continue our cruise to Deluz where, as is the way with these things, we discovered that in the leaky roof stakes, things could be a lot worse.

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