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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It’s all about lunch.
Pont du Coney

Today was one of those days when so little happened that at the end of it it seemed to have gone on forever.   It was so chilly when we woke that we had to invoke our “rule of ten”, waiting for something either time or temperature to hit double figures.    Thankfully it was also destined to be a clear and sunny morning, and the cabin temperature rose to the teens in plenty of time for us to be underway by nine.

By eleven with close to eight kilometres under our belt, with a delightful forest mooring in our sights and just as we were getting close to having had enough travel for one day, we were met by an ever smiling Abdullah in our last lock.   When we told him where we were about to stay his usual effervescent self became even more animated and he directed that “We must have lunch at the restaurant” (not one hundred metres away).   “Tell them I sent you” he commanded, “and you will get very big plates of food”.    With that he disappeared into his van and came back with a fresh baguette.   “You will only want this and some cheese and maybe a little wine for dinner” he said, hastily adding with a smile “and mirabelles”.

Overcome by his generosity and concern for our well being, we thought it would be rude if we ignored his message.   The restaurant as it turns out, was splendid.  Italian.  Sensational value if not cheap. We were very lucky that they found space for us (sorry you’ll have to be in on the verandah), having arrived with no reservation at a few minutes past twelve.  Thankfully we didn’t try for the “very big plates”, because as it was we cancelled all plans for a bike adventure this afternoon in favour of working off lunch in a somewhat more sedentary manner.

And yes, the baguette and a little cheese was sufficient for dinner.

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