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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Here come the elephants!

Once when we were in Port-sur-Saône, we missed an international festival by just a day.   If we’d been here yesterday, or any Friday this month we’d have been here for the Summer Terrace too, in the square near the cathedral offering all sorts of refreshments and local produce.

The elephants in the square outside the Mayor’s office may have been a sign we’d missed something else, perhaps the spot on the map where France ends and Africa begins?  The Mayor seems to put them out there every year to mark our arrival, so actually we knew exactly where we were but are still none the wiser as to what is behind this obviously annual, but just as obviously (because of the condition of the pieces) temporary exhibition of African Art.

We moored in our usual spot, against the village quay, in what would have been uncomfortable heat were we not wondrously shaded by the very same trees that were just finding their leaves when last we were here.  And we were almost alone too, at least for an hour or so until boats started to arrive from all directions, or both directions if one insists on accuracy.  It was as though everyone suddenly realised that there wasn’t much left of summer and if they were going to get to see the elephants at Port-sur-Saône well they’d better jolly well get a wiggle on, so they did.

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