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Monday, August 08, 2016

Epinal and above.

It’s a funny thing, walking into town first thing surprised at the clarity of the early morning light and the complete absence of people and peak hour traffic before realising suddenly that the reason we’ve managed to get everything done, breakfasts and showers, water tank full and the boat shipshape ready to move on before wandering into town is that it’s actually past ten.  It's not early at all.

It’s Monday, and summer holiday to boot, so town is pretty much deserted and the bakery we found yesterday is closed of course but we managed to find a happy little shop near the cathedral where we bought the makings for lunch as well, then quietly tip toed out of town, leaving it to its post weekend slumber.

We called a halt to our travels at the top of the chain of locks, it’s all downhill for a few weeks now, and moored quite close to a lake with beaches and cafes and lawns and sailing boats.   We wondered at its popularity being as it is, half a day’s travel from town, then recalled filling in the log on arrival:   

Fifteen kilometres is a long way by boat and fifteen locks takes a little effort as well, but apparently it’s not too far at all by car or cycle.

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Jack said...

What a beautiful reflection image!

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