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Friday, August 12, 2016

Living the Dream.

For reasons that seem inexplicable, I dreamt last night that we were on some sort of romantic cruise through the waterways of France, on a massive barge, tiller in hand, straw hat providing our only shade.  Through deep forest we glided, waving to the crowds as bridges opened to let us by, stopping only to gasp at each bend as every new vista presented itself.

It was not at all difficult to carry that dream all morning as we continued on our merry way through the forest, right to the end of the Canal at Corre, the place where our river adventure will begin on the morrow.  Before then however cruising reality jolted us out of the dream.

It was a pleasant afternoon in port, if not a photogenic one.  Two weeks worth of washing done, unlimited internet allowing four devices to be updated, a myriad of other jobs sorted, the sorts of things one has nightmares about, but let's hang on to the dream!   


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Jack said...

Gee, this is pretty, Midge.

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