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Monday, August 15, 2016


We could have stayed longer in Gray.  We should have stayed longer.  We owe that to all of the people from there who have showed us such kindness over the years, but really, now that summer has arrived, spending days moored on the eastern side of the river without shade, leaves us wilting a bit.    Of course it was a public holiday as well, which meant that the silence was deafening, apart from the constant but gentle choofing of a hundred hire boats making their way up or down the river.

It’s odd that at the first sign of summer, and this week has been the first sign of a proper summer with gloriously clear skies and hot days, everything including ourselves has started to wilt a bit.  It’s not even particularly hot on paper, with the thermometer barely nudging thirty-five aboard, but it’s not our favourite weather.

I had thought until now that a frost was needed to remind the trees to drop their leaves, but not so apparently, there are trees all over the place that are already deciding they are tired of being green, those that aren’t starting to brown or yellow, are hanging in with a tired khaki look about them that reminds us a little of summer in Australia.  It will be interesting to see what the next few months brings.  Will we see a spectacular autumn show, or will the forests simply cry “enough” and wilt away before our eyes?


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