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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Gutenberg Go.

It might be time to eat a bit of humble pie, but thankfully we’re a bit full because we found a superb bakery this morning and all is well with the world apart from a slightly uncomfortable feeling arising from having to confess that we spent a fantastic part of the afternoon indoors and walking around following instructions from an electronic device.

Thankfully there were no Pokémon anywhere to be seen, although initially we were a little nervous as we wandered around Epinal’s superb Museum of Imagery, following instructions and  allowing it to scan things while it explained in greater or lesser detail what we were inspecting in real time.   We thought we’d been in the place for a few minutes and were almost embarrassed when suddenly we popped out in the gift shop and we were astonished to discover that a few hours had simply passed us by.

On display apart from a simple collection of historic prints and some not so, and still in daily use by artisans in the Museum’s studios were some machines so rare that they are listed as National Monuments.  Gutenberg presses (two), paper making and cutting machines and two of only six Aquatype presses left in existence (also listed) sat among original and new limestone plates and woodcuts and well it was all enough to make one dribble even more than one usually does peering through a bakery window.  It’s taken four attempts, but we’re so glad we tried one more time!


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