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Saturday, October 01, 2016

A guiding light.
Friday 23rd September

“What will we do today?” we wondered as our eyes adjusted to the morning light. Err, mid morning light that was very close to “if we don’t go soon it will be lunchtime” light.

Well it was a no contest really, we’d walk in to town by some wiggly laneway that we hadn’t found before, wander down some more wiggly lanes, and then return on yet another.  There’d be no need for the map, we thought as while in the centre of other towns the cathedral leaps out as if to surprise one with its enormity when one absent mindedly happens upon, here through some quirk of planning it reaches out like a beacon visible through little vistas, an ever present reminder of where on might be.

Perhaps it's the width of the streets or the way they jiggle just so, or the lack of height or the angle of the roofs, but it’s rarely hidden from view.  When one gets closer to it, rather than leaping out it positively looms.  We were almost tempted to climb the three hundred and thirty-two steps to the top of it today, but when push came to shove, we thought perhaps we’d save that for some future visit.

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