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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Sunset on Saverne
Saturday 1st October

It’s amazing how hard it is to get mushrooms in season when you leave purchasing until the last day and that day happens to be a Saturday.   I suppose it’s possible to increase the degree of difficulty by not actually commencing this quest until late morning, a time when all self respecting market stalls are either sold out or closing, and when supermarkets are packed with others who have failed to get to the market early enough desperately seeking the same thing.

Having  walked the entire length of the street twice we finally found a small stock of the little yellow things we were seeking, relieved that tomorrow’s boiled rice could now quite fairly be called “risotto”, and celebrated by buying even more fresh bread, a huge lump of veal and the third last chicken from the rotisserie chicken man, even indulging in just a little “sauce” from the bottom of the drip tray.

We hadn’t quite decided how long we would stay in Saverne, perhaps we were having just too good a time to even contemplate moving.  However as the sun slowly sank in the west tonight, it bathed us in that ludicrous pink glow that happens every now and then, and which perhaps if the weather forecast is correct,it will be for the last time this year, we took it as something of a farewell gesture.  Tomorrow we’ll picnic a few kilometres beyond the lock, and then we’ll be on our way once more.

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Jack said...

Gosh, more great light for your lovely reflection photograph.

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