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Friday, October 14, 2016

Thursday 13th October

No it’s not winter, technically it’s autumn, just as technically what we call “the deux chevaux” is actually a Dyane, but the temperature is struggling to stay above zero each morning which makes it near enough to winter for us, and we don’t care if it’s not a 2CV, if Joan and Peter want a lift to the station in it, well why would we not oblige? 

For a brief time this morning we were alone, just us, living in the port surrounded by forty empty hire boats in the act of taking a well earned rest after a long season, and a few private boats waiting for their wintering.   It was not to be that way for long though. 

We arrived back from our sojourn to Lunéville just as Jørn turned up for his planned week of work on Miss Ellie.  We really should think about starting to pack things away too.  

We really should.

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