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Monday, October 03, 2016

Sunshine and shade.
Friday 30th September

Just yesterday we explained to the Great-Grandmother that we’d sent her a photo of the Chateau taken from the boat, but that we’d prepared it earlier (seven years earlier to be precise but she didn’t need to know that), because at this time of the year the sun is never shining on the face we can see.  

It did come as a bit of a surprise this morning to discover that if one raises one’s head a tad before eight, a different world awaits!   

In the defence of one of us (the other needs a little more of reason to shif from under the doona on these chilly mornings than the prospect of seeing a castle bathed in sunlight), it has been a little overcast first thing in the morning of late, so it’s quite easy to see how such a mistake could have been made.


Rob Siemann said...


Jack said...

Great light for your reflection photo. And, get out of bed, Midge.

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