Legends from our own lunchtimes

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

There’s this little place we know…
Saturday 8th October

Last year, or perhaps it was year before, we were wandering around Lunéville with Joan and Peter at about this time of year, when at exactly lunch o’clock we happened upon a little brasserie that was obviously warm inside and without a moment’s hesitation threw ourselves at its mercy.

That turned out to be an afternoon of fond memories for us all, so when it became clear that the 2CV would be available today, we borrowed it and under the guise of having a few errands to run, dressed against the elements and set out jammed like four well rugged sardines in a little blue can.  

We could have been cleaning of course, and sorting out stuff and repairing or making stuff, but we have so much time before we leave that it’s too early even to procrastinate.  Joan and Peter have just a few days left though, and were more than happy for our assistance with their own procrastination effort long into afternoon.


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