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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Anything green is our scene.
Wednesday 21st September

After three days in the place we pretty much have public transport sorted we think, although some of that might actually be down to some carefully hand drawn instructions that Rob provided over lunch to make our connections worry free.   Today was market day so after inspecting every stall and failing to buy even one single bit of produce at the markets, we decided to test our knowledge of the system and set out to source a few bits and bobs one of us thought might improve our situation aboard.  In that regard the presence of a big blue Swedish furniture store on the outskirts of town had not gone unnoticed.

Perhaps one of the nicest features of the tramway system here (and in Mulhouse and in Dijon and therefore probably in a zillion other places for all we know) is that it runs on grass.   The English language being what it is, that is not to say that grass provides its motive power, but  wherever possible the lines in the inner city at least are laid in lawn.  This can be just a little disconcerting until one gets over being startled every time a trams whizzes through a piece of parkland apparently derailed.    

It’s all rather lovely though, which is more than can be said for the coffee at the furniture place which cost more than a tram ride as well.   We did manage, after taking five trams and two buses, to return with six new coat hangers, a fitting reward for a day’s effort no doubt destined to enhance life aboard at least as much as grassy tram tracks enhance life ashore.

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