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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Winter she calls it!
Monday 4th October

She among us who professes her love of cold weather long and loud to all will listen, remained tucked up snug on our first single-digit morning for the year while the other donned ugg boots and waded out into the dark and fog and cold to slip a coin into the electricity box.

Heat didn’t instantly magically fill even the small volume of the boat, but we were in double figures soon enough and by lunch time at least we had ventured out to the bakery and had taken off our scarves and top layer.

We thought long and hard about going for a longer walk, deciding in the end that we would need a bit more time to acclimatise.  Instead we took a quick photo out of the window of the boat, intent on remaining snugly indoors at least until the end that first coin’s worth of electricity.  This would have been a great plan had it not been some sort of magic coin we used, and as three hours turned into four and then eight, we began to wonder if there would ever be a need to leave the boat again.     

Eventually in the mid afternoon we gave up waiting and did head off for a time, eyes watering in the evil breeze.   It was quite pleasant out (we said through gritted teeth), but given that we don’t really have to make the most of the outdoors before winter sets in, being back inside was even more so.

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