Legends from our own lunchtimes

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

For they among us who have slept in raincoats.
Monday 10th October

For some years, well seven to be exact almost to the day, we’ve kept our fingers crossed whenever we’ve had guests aboard, that precipitation would not occur whilst ever they were sleeping.   

When we first bought the boat, it leaked so much that the best way of staying dry if it was raining was to put a raincoat on, take an umbrella, and go outside.   That was OK except if you happened to draw the short straw and score the forward cabin, in which case nothing less than a wetsuit and snorkel would do.    After putting significant effort into alleviating the problems, for there were many, all leaks had been eliminated, except perhaps subconsciously by way of providing a little zen imperfection, the ones over the forward berths.

We’ve tried, oh how we’ve tried.  We’ve met mixed degrees of success along the way too, which is at the end of the day just a way of saying that we’ve failed. We’ve even tried some stuff called “Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure”, which sounds for all the world like a medicine one would give to a plumber, and for all the good it did us it may as well have been.  We are nothing though if not indefagitable so with naught but hope, a few hours of no rain promised, and Bill, we thought it might be time for one perhaps final assault.    For those who have been dampened in times gone by we apologise, but please take note that from time to time, we really do try.

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Rob Siemann said...

Oh well, you'll gonna a true sailor one day! Or a diver...:-)

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