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Sunday, August 26, 2018

A change of pace.
Thursday 23rd August - Gent to Beernem

With close to sixty kilometres or maybe ninety of waterway to traverse until we reach Diksmuide, and barely six weeks left in which to do it, the need to get a wriggle on hung as heavily on our shoulders just as the jumpers did that we had to don against the sudden change of weather.

We’ve come in a big loop and now we are at the very apex of our trajectory, and like any apex it’s all downhill from here.   It’s downhill to the ocean, but not very downhill as more than thirty kilometres to Beernam without a lock attests.   There weren’t any lifting bridges either despite the one shown in the photo but the explanation of that is for a later time, perhaps tomorrow.

In Beernum by mid-day all we need do now is await the crew of “the Max”, so that we can continue our adventure once again in company.

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