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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Sudden Change
Wednesday 8th August - Thieu

The end of the heatwave came last night with a roar as it rolled across the countryside.    

While the brunt of the thunderstorm was directed elsewhere, the tail of it was enough have one of us out of bed checking mooring lines as even in the confines of this tiny port, the wind whipped the normally mirrored surface of the canal into a churning mess of spray and chop.    It may have been over as soon as it began or it may have gone on for hours, none of us could say, as the temperature plummeted by more than ten degrees and we all slept snug under covers for the first time in what seemed in our fading memories to have been months.

Daylight came and went, and we all slept on, delighting in the new comfort the change had brought.  

Eventually, with that tinge of sadness that comes when friends depart, Jørn and Birgit did just that, to continue their own travels.   We thought we had to go as well, but quickly realised we didn’t, so settled back to enjoy our first day in quite a time not seeking a shady respite.

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