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Thursday, August 09, 2018

The Big Melt Continues.
Monday 6th August - Thieu

In two day’s time, according to the forecast, normal weather transmission may resume, but for now there’s not much for it but to sook around in the shade in an effort to stop our more important bits from melting off, all the while marvelling at the absolute breathlessness of the atmosphere.   

Then Jørn and Birgit arrived to share our evening shade, a little lost on the way to Lagarde for their summer reunion with “Miss Ellie”.  After a four hour detour in the the twenty degree comfort of their car they were remarkably perky, perhaps made more than usual having more or less accidentally bought a boat and sold another on the way.

There’s nothing quite like the company of friends to bring the sort of fresh air that the weather cannot, so given that the temperatures were not likely to abate tomorrow, in the still, simmering warmth of the evening we began to firm our plans to keep them for another day. 

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