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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

This Old Man Came Rolling Home
Sunday 12th August - Peronnes to Antoing

Quite possibly the most arduous part of our three kilometre long cruise this morning was rustling up  the lock keeper even though it was almost morning tea time when we set out.  Sadly for some, our journey was so brief that we didn’t need to refer to our brand new charts at all.

With nothing to do and all day to do it, we cycled off to Tournai in search of ancient bridges, cathedrals and perhaps a bite of lunch.  Not yet to grips with the customs of a new country, the latter turned out to be rather more difficult than one would have thought at midday on a Sunday, but we did find one place vaguely open in the heart of the town.

In the absence of any assistance forthcoming, we chose a table to our liking and settled in. This did rouse someone who advised that where we were sitting was not to his liking and he promptly ushered to an equally vacant spot three tables away.  The pizzas were delicious but of a size more suitable to feeding a small nation. Our request to share one was politely declined;"It’s just not possible sir".  Not wishing to cause a scene we made a gallant attempt at consuming the two before eventually raising a white flag, quietly accepting defeat, and rolling slowly home, a feat we could quite possibly have performed even without the bikes.


Sheila said...

I have a friend in Vegas who went to France with his French speaking wife. The waiter said the same exact thing to them about sharing a dish of food. They didn't want to be pushed around like that so they got up and left. Went to another place that did allow sharing one portion!

bitingmidge said...

We had a few options Sheila, we just chose the stupid one! :-)

Vallypee said...

We loved Antoing. Were you there when the market was on? And did you make it to the castle? Maybe I'll find out in your next post. We didn't stop in Tournai, but I also cycled there to the hardware and got coated with limestone dust from the lorries pounding the stretch just beyond Antoing...Belgian portions, yes. Always more generous than any one person could eat!

bitingmidge said...

Sadly the castle fitted squarely into one of those all too familiar boxes. We walked up to its gates at about 4:30 on Sunday, to discover that tours were by arrangement at 4:00 pm every Sunday! Unable to wait a week for just that, we moved slowly on.....

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