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Monday, August 27, 2018

In Bruges (Brugge).
Friday 24th August - Beernem to Bruges (Brugge).

Quite possibly the easiest way to travel on the water apart from lounging on a cruise ship, is to follow  someone who has been down the route innumerable times before and can speak to oncoming ships and bridges in their own native tongue.  

Instead of spending the morning poring over charts, then plotting our course as we went to keep tabs on progress towards the next obstacle, we simply followed “the Max”. Before we could say “Liquid City”, which is no doubt a clever marketing person’s way of trying to break free from the inevitable “Venice of Belgium” tag, we were tied up in the centre of Bruges.

Before we could say “this seems nice”, Dave and Ria had us off the boats and into the local area just to assure us, not that we needed assurance,  that indeed it is.


Vallypee said...

A lovely photo as always, Peter. Funny that; I never think of Bruges in Venice terms. It is far too pretty. For me that label belongs more to Gent. Bruges is lovely, though, I agree!

bitingmidge said...

I think I agree with you on Gent Val! I started a collection once of the "Venice Of..." Towns but it was getting to the size of a small novel when I lost interest! I don't think the "Liquid City" theme of the Triennial has much of a ring to it either!

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