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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Circle Work.
Wednesday 29th August - Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives to Honfleur

“D” Day had arrived.  That’s “D” for “Details.  Amazingly we’d managed to get some sort of consensus on the concept overnight, although it’s hard not to be a little suspicious that at least in some parts excitement was winning over rational deduction.

By lunch time we had the kitchen mocked up, the bathrooms done, the heating nutted out and the landscaping sorted in concept.  While one of us was thus occupied, the other was photographing every nook and junction within the old structure lest questions arise in the coming weeks regarding details that memory might fail to recall.  

Then came a frantic rush to sketch it all before all too suddenly we all had to leave, they to Paris and we a little further north. One moment we were at a table drawing the last wiggly line and making frantic notes in the hope that a draftsman we had never met would understand it all, the next with brain madly spinning we were heading to the sanity of Honfleur.   It might have been the intensity of the two days which in our confusion we had taken to calling “the weekend” that caused the dizziness, or it may just have been the new garden plan, but for now, it is done.


Vallypee said...

I remember you mentioning your upcoming trip to Normandy when we were in Thuin. It sounds as if huge enthusiasm for the project was enjoyed by all! How lovely to be part of this new phase in your friends' lives.

bitingmidge said...

Yep, it's another privilege afforded us in our highly privileged life! As if just having great friends isn't enough!

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