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Thursday, August 02, 2018

Another Change to the Plan.
Wednesday 1st August - Thuin

We woke with the expectation that we’d continue up the river for a day or two, before resuming our trek eastward.   After the first coffee of the day we thought maybe we’d save that for another time and get going today, perhaps first thing, or perhaps after completing a load of washing.

We wandered over to say our goodbyes to Koos and Val, but somehow forgot what we were about, picking up the threads of conversations from where we left off last evening, which led to us forgetting to leave at all as we chatted without ceasing until there was a grave risk of coaches turning into pumpkins.  

This in turn resulted in a new resolve, we would leave in the morning.  We would.  We would definitely depart, and to make doubly sure that we didn’t get trapped by their siren calls on our return journey from up river, we’d head back the way we came, mark our charts (or since they are borrowed charts, we’ll just make a mental note) “must come back to see what lies beyond the railway bridge”.   


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Don said...

So glad you met up with Koos and Val. We had a grand time with them last year in northern France and enjoy reading about her "fairing" in the Henne Ha.
Hotter than hades here near Auxerre. Luckily the Yonne is right outside the door. Swimming is required!

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