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Monday, August 20, 2018

Shore leave has been cancelled.
Friday 17th August - Kortrijk to Dienze

We had barely settled into the last unreserved guest berth in the Dienze Yacht club this afternoon when Karel popped his head in and invited us to join himself and Marilyn aboard their boat.  An intended short visit turned into an entire afternoon as these things tend to do.  We called a brief intermission and had just returned to the boat to cobble together a bit of food that we all could share, when a shiny grey boat drifted to a stop right in front of us.  


Dave and Ria, not content with tracking us down by car in Kortrijk a few days ago had decided to surprise us again with a visit by boat for the weekend.  It didn’t take long at all before our planned chat in quite of the evening over a few left-overs shifted into something between “dull roar” and “full party” mode. 

Normally when we “waste” an entire day having this much fun we’d at least wander round the town the morning after or even the next night as well, but there was a water festival happening and our berths were needed, so we settled for clicking a quick snap out of the window to remind us that we might like to return one day.

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Vallypee said...

You two draw others to you, so I'm not in the least surprised! Give Jo a hug for me!

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