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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Now in Living Technicolour!
Tuesday 21st August - Gent

To continue a discussion I’ve been having about spelling, I suspect that the heading should actually be spelled “Technicolor®”, but that aside no one could argue that Gent wasn’t a spectacularly colourful place today.  

Whether it was the panorama over the entire city that we enjoyed from the top of the Belfry, or from the tourist boats in which we passed beneath the lowest of the city’s bridges, the brilliant sunshine gave a depth to the textures of this ancient place, adding to it’s already adequate sufficiency of vibrancy.  

The decision to become tourists on this day had been a particularly good one, although in weather like this it’s impossible to feel the gloomier side of a city’s history, not that we made any attempt to do so.  All those centuries of death and despair and battles for power that every city of Gent’s age has witnessed just seem to have been swept under that bright blue carpet, tucked firmly out of sight and out of mind.  We’ll leave those explorations for another day when the chill and greys that must eventually come will no doubt bring a more subdued pace, but today we were quite happy just to be taking snapshots of the pretty fizzy bits.


Vallypee said...

As indeed you should! I'm so glad you have enjoyed Gent. It's almost personal with me, as you might have gathered by now. But I can also tell you that even on grey gloomy and ghastly days, Gent goes on being gorgeous (is that enough alliteration for one comment? Sorry!).

bitingmidge said...

We are more than prepared to take your word for that! It's been a bit difficult not to run around like mad things, but we've managed, and have already planned many more stays here. Four days isn't enough to scratch the surface.....

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