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Sunday, January 17, 2010

At Dobbos

A night at the Dobbos among the trees in the Gold Coast Hinterland is a guarantee of a good time, but when there are a dozen or so others who spend a bit of time on their boats in France, it almost becomes a club.  Come to think of it, it IS a club of sorts.

It's amazing that so many people from such a small geographic area can have discovered each other, it makes us all wonder how many others are out there that we are yet to find.

Ian, the second washer from the right on the bottom doesn't line up with the others.

Social Scorecard 2010:
Day No: 17
Nights at Home: 15
Days Without Visitors: 10



Julie said...

There is an Ian in every bunch and long my they reign!

bitingmidge said...

From Ian:

In the Hindu religion only God is perfect. For example, a beautiful young girl is checked out for a small
blemish such as a mole or skin defect. if nothing is found she may be determined "perfect" and she will
be defaced in some way or even killed rather than upsetting God.

So to avoid offending Him with perfection I decided to build a small blemish into the house, just to be
safe. I trust He is as observant as you are.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Ian's are good ... never perfect ... but certainly non-conformist on occasions.

My sister tells me that she is coming across lots of people doing France on boats these days. I don't ... just one in my world ... must be a Qld thing.

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