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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oyster Catchers

The Pied Oyster Catchers live on the island opposite, but they keep a keen eye on the soldier crab stocks at our place.  Their beaks seem to be exactly the same dimension that a soldier crab lives below the ground, so it's easy picking for them.

The soldier crab burrows are beginning to appear again, soon the beach will be crawling with them at low tide, and not long after that the stingrays will arrive, mining the beach at half tide, watching us watching them.   They'll not leave a single crab or yabbie behind when they move on to more productive pastures, but eventually the cycle will repeat itself, the crabs, birds and stingrays will be back.

Today there's a bit of anticipation happening.  Tomorrow "their" people come to inspect.

Alea jacta est.



Julie said...

The die is cast, eh?

It would be interesting to know how they determine a valuation other than just by the VG's land value. I gather all the houses will be bull-dozed. And you are all in the same boat ... I can see why you both find it depressing.

bitingmidge said...

One day, when it's over, I shall explain all.

Suffice to say the valuation process is intended to be fair, but not all things fit into the square that has been drawn.

Why oh why do we insist on doing things "differently"?

Julie said...

Thank you for your comments. Heavens, how young is OAD? And apparently "Julia" has NO opinions worth noting on anything to do with family life! I have thought long and hard about why this is so, and conclude it must be because she is a Welsh redhead ...

JoJo and Papa, eh? Interesting combination.

Julie said...

You are joshing me!!

My middle name is Olwen ...

Joan Elizabeth said...

I watch with interest as the stories of the house and beach unfolds.

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