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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Solistalgia, a rebuttal.

"— and, interestingly, the small changes in their own front yards formed powerful triggers and metaphors for their despair." 
How on earth did Albrecht come up with this nonesense I wonder.

The lotus has all too little time to bloom before its petals begin to depart.

As soon as it achieves full bloom they sag and flutter, detaching themselves to fly to the pond below, or perhaps to rest for a time on a lily pad.

At first one, then another, then perhaps two more, four.  In a final flurry they all depart.

The first of the petals in our street is vacant.


Soon there will be another

Social Scorecard 2010:
Day No: 10
Nights at Home: 10
Days Without Visitors:6


Julie said...

Ooo ... clever segue ... wonderful analogy.

You a not just a pretty faced boat-builder, meboyo!

bitingmidge said...

You are right about the pretty face, but as for the rest, well blame the solistalgia!

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