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Monday, January 25, 2010

Passing Parade

Yesterday it was a seagull taking a turn up the beach behind the little black cormorants, the day before a seagull did exactly the same as this blue heron, strutting proudly up the beach as though directing his personal flock.   The pelicans are the undisputed kings though, chasing the cormorants while they are underwater, attacking them on their way to the surface in the hope they'll drop their quarry.

Mostly the cormorants whizz by underwater, startling us if nothing else.



Joan Elizabeth said...

This is turning into a wonderful nature photography blog ... I'm loving it. Such a busy place, outside your window.

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Joan, of course we've always loved watching the goings on from our back steps, and we've always known they existed, but I have been quite surprised at the diversity of our regular visitors.

Capturing the smaller honeyeaters and kingfishers and faster birds unfortunately is beyond my ability at the moment!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Tell me about it. I saw Bulbuls in the garden for the first time in a long while this morning. I even had my camera in my hand but in a moment they were gone. I just don't have the time to persist with stalking little birds.

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