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Monday, January 04, 2010

Day 4 - Be careful what you wish for.

The last of the super king tides today, Mr Three had fun swimming on the boatshed deck before he went home yesterday.  "Papa's Beach" is a sensational place to swim on the high tide, and we seem to waste an awful lot of time watching the schools of fish swimming among the submersed Pigweed.

Roger and Margaret's place is the only other structure we can see from our place, and I used to joke that I'd made an application to have it demolished because it ruined our habitat.  I didn't count on our habitat being included in that demolition order as well.

Today I spoke with the Main Roads Department, who tell me there should be some news next Tuesday. It's impossible to believe how intrusive the spectre of resumption is into one's psych.   Emotions change hourly.  No matter how much we tell ourselves we were only borrowing this little patch, the probability that it will have 55,000 cars running over it each day doesn't seem to compute!

Social Scorecard 2010:
Day No: 4
Nights at Home: 4
Days Without Visitors: 1


Julie said...

This must be incredibly difficult for you both. Not time schedule and no agreed recompense and nowhere to go!

In addition to the knowledge that this little habitat is going to be totally .... ... ... lost.

And and and no internet. How come no internet? I could understand it on a canal in France, but on an estuary in Queensland. Surely! It's Kev's home state!!

bitingmidge said...

Ahh no internet... well it's not a canal you see, it's a river! Given our rather itinerant life we disconnected last year, have a dongle that dangles but it only dangles so far each month!

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