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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drinking Problem

Eventually someone is going to notice that the composition and background of every water bird photo on this blog is identical.  That's because I don't actually spend any time stalking the subjects, I just sit on the back steps with my cup of coffee watching the world go by, and by it does indeed go.

Often just moving enough to raise my camera to my eye is enough to scare them away, which is ok, because mostly I don't have my camera beside me.   It's really only in the past few weeks that I've even given a thought to not taking the diversity of birdlife that we see here for granted!

This little bloke is, I am fairly certain, a young Striated Heron with his adult grey plumage just starting to appear on his back and shoulders.   We were brothers for a time, he and I.  He with his tasty salt water refreshment, and me dribbling my coffee with similar aplomb.

Social Scorecard 2010:
Day No: 21
Nights at Home: 18
Days Without Visitors: 13


Julie said...

You're getting pretty okay at this lark, drawing and chatting.

And dribbling ...

bitingmidge said...

And from Ian:

Yep Pete you are right again. It is the striated heron, It has the coloring of a juvenile but the black
crown of the adult - it is probably at that age where it really gives it's parents hell.

Joan Elizabeth said...

That's what BMJ has done for me over the past year ... appeciating the little things in your own back yard.

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