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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We are Australian

Today was Mat and Mic's big day, as they walked forward to collect their certificate and their tree, proving they were now Australians, the tribal elder from the Kimberleys did her best to smoke the last vestige of Canadian from them.

It's a sensational experience, watching people choose to become citizens of the country that has adopted them.

Apart from the ceremony of course, I rather think the highlight of the day was hearing a baritone sing Advance Australia Fair accompanied by a pipe band and a digeridoo.   Like all true Aussies, he forgot the words of the second verse, leaving the throng of new citizens to carry the day.


Joan Elizabeth said...

This photo is magnificent. The clarity, the light, the smoke, all the right symbols visible.

You were always a better photographer than me but lately you've been racing so far in front that I'm beginning to feel depressed :(

bitingmidge said...

Ahh Joan, I don't think it's about being better, I just tend not to take photos unless I've got a fair chance of getting lucky with them. (and I feel the same whenever I see someone else's photos, I wonder if I'll ever get whatever they've got.... so we think alike again!)

Here I was hemmed in and couldn't get out of my seat to take a front on shot, then of course I realised that the smoke and the light were perfect, so I rattled off a few till I could get the flag and not much else in the background. I knew what I wanted to do, but had to wait to get lucky. I suppose that could be construed as I made my own luck, but I'm not sure that I did.

Jilly said...

It reminds me of when I became an Australian, Peter. That was in Hobart. Happy Australia Day - well yesterday for you now.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Of course you made your own luck!

Julie said...

Indeed, it is not luck. Few things are by luck. This is skill mixed with experience.

I like your in camera settings ...

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