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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Day 2

Don't despair, I'm sure there'll be a tale or two to tell eventually.

Today was one of three days in the last 16 years when the tide made it over the boat shed floor, or to be more accurate since the boat shed has only been at that level for seven, since the tide has been of sufficient height to flood the boat shed floor if indeed it had been there previously.  Actually neither boat shed nor tide.... oh forget it!

I suspect that wherever we live in the future, we'll never forget what a privileged existence we've led in our time here.  Sure the midges do visit from time to time, but there's nothing quite like wandering ankle deep among the fish and pig weed in the clear water of a king tide, when it's all happening in one's own back yard.

Social Scorecard 2010:
Day No: 2
Nights at Home: 2
Days Without Visitors: 0


Julie said...

You've been there 16 years. Golly. I have lived in three places just this year. From 1978 to 1998 I lived in the same place. From 1998 t0 2010 I have lived in 7 places. Swings and roundabouts. What are the footings of your boatshed like?

bitingmidge said...

No, we've been here seven! I tracked the records back ten years before deciding on the level for the boat shed. It sits neatly under our living room!

Anonymous said...

Midge miss your photo's on WWF so I occasionally pop over here or The Blokey shed and have a Cpt Cook.

Ray (wheelin)

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