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Monday, January 18, 2010

Well you have to laugh....

 Poking around his backyard with Mr Three this morning, I did get a giggle to see the working boys' clothes all hung out there, nice and clean, ready for another day's yakka.

Social Scorecard 2010:
Day No: 18
Nights at home: 15
Days by ourselves: 10


Julie said...

Cute ... but there is a technical problem.

You caught lovely early morning light, yes.

So either she got the washing out extremely early, or they are still there from the day before!

bitingmidge said...

And the problem with drying outside overnight is?

Of course there was a thunderstorm at 3:00 am, so they had to sit out in the sun a bit longer. It's harsh up here Julie, all that UV index 15 stuff!

Julie said...

Actually, I don't know the problem with drying over-night. It was an old wives tale I picked up from my mother who was riddled with 'em.

I think the dew had dirt in it and that would cover your clothes. Or for the same reason why you had to wash apples from the market: you never knew who had spat on them.
Or someone would want to steal and sniff your "smalls". I might stop at this point.

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