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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Roger's Pontoon

Drinking a cup of coffee this morning, sitting on the step and staring up river past Roger's pontoon, my lens is not long enough to focus on the Heron roosting in the mangroves beyond.  Well I suppose it's getting close to a kilometre away so I can excuse that.
I've got other things to focus on now anyway.  They've appointed their valuer, now we have to do the same.

And get a lawyer.

The bunfight is about to begin, but at this stage at least there is an extraordinary degree of courtesy being extended.  If feels like the sort of sympathy one gives to the relatives of the deceased at the funeral of someone one barely knew.

Social Scorecard 2010:
Day No: 19
Nights at Home: 16
Days Without Visitors: 10


Julie said...

That is such a nicely structured first sentence.

Valuers, lawyers, bureaucrats .. ugh.

I have a meeting with the Protective Commissioner tomorrow who is insisting that I submit full accounting of my father's assets over which I have been appointed guardian. I have to explain each withdrawal form his bank account, eg each Saturday for a year I paid via EFTPOS at Coles about $24 for one packet of Arnotts Orange slice, two blocks a Cadbury's Dairy Milk, and 7 small bananas.


bitingmidge said...

I think I'd rather be arguing over a house than the price of Orange Slice biscuits.

They should be on the National Heritage Register.

Is the first sentence actually a sentence?

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes Julie has put the haggle into perspective!

Julie said...

But, of course, it is a sentence.

Verb - to be (is)
Subject - my lens

You just throw the reader off by segueing in with three past participle phrases.

I think ...

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