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Thursday, April 08, 2010

If things can go wrong...

If things can go wrong they generally will.  Which I suppose is why I am such a cautious person.  When I upgrade the system on my idiot proof computer, I make a complete new backup, which is in addition to the two I keep as a matter of course.

Belts and braces you may think, but I've been bitten before.  Tonight just as the final touches were happening, the screen went blank.   I went clammy.

Nothing happened for more than a polite length of time, so I went and ate, then ambled back to consider my next move.  Well if the thing was asleep all I had to do was wiggle the mouse or tap on the keypad.

If it was in a coma, perhaps I could just give the on/off button a gentle touch.  Or two.  Or perhaps a longer sort of hold down action thing....  OOOPS!   I hadn't seen a screen like that before.

It can't be good, but after a reboot all seems to be well enough, everything checks out and we have a normal pulse.

I suppose the house contract version to backing up the hard drive is to run around and do all those little jobs that one has been avoiding before the building inspection happens.   After a day of plastering the boat shed ceiling,  the screen on the computer isn't the only thing not moving.


Ann said...

I've seen that - with mine it was the graphics card. After a memory upgrade and a new graphics card all is working beautifully. Makes for a really interesting geometric shot.

Joan Elizabeth said...

It is so scary upgrading the computer. The Apple is such a well behaved beastie I fear to touch it.

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