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Sunday, April 18, 2010

While Uncle Matt and I finished the deck in the nick of time this morning, the kitchen started filling itself with cakes and sausage rolls, and pink whipped cream for crying out loud.  By early afternoon the estrogen index was starting to reach danger levels, so while Uncle Matt bolted off in his boat, Mr Three and I decided that an afternoon of blokey pursuits in the bush was in order.  

After tracking down one or two of our most common marsupials and the odd tawny frogmouth in the trees, we decided we'd been away a safe time and surely some of the girls would have vacated, after all the sun was starting to hang low in the sky.

We arrived back with the party still in full swing, and I began to ponder the expression "tired but happy" when related to a three year old.  One apparently common way of appeasing the "tired but happy" three year old as I understand it, is to park said three year old in front of a television set which I duly did.

This seemed to have no effect whatsoever and merely left him pleading with ever increasing urgency for me to turn it on please.

Tomorrow's downfall for Papa, happened at that precise moment.   "Do you see that red light on the bottom of the television?" I enquired, "Well what does a red light mean?"

"Stop" he suggested, quite correctly.

"Well I'm afraid we're going to have to get Uncle Matt to turn it to green before we can make it go".

He seemed satisfied with my explanation, and we played with trucks and magnets and an old scrubbing brush, but I fear tomorrow evening, when he discovers the television is going despite the red light.

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