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Friday, April 09, 2010


Pronounced "prod-youse" rather than "pro-deuce" the stuff of which I speak springs bountiful from our garden on occasion.  Well perhaps that's not entirely true, but we do get the odd speckled passionfruit which seems to just appear from nowhere, and although one of us would claim that the aubergine was i and intentional by-product of sowing seeds of that very same variety, the other remains unconvinced.

I do know that the photo, not quite in focus, is very much how we treat growing edibles.  The ambition is there, but it's the focus that we lack.

Perhaps some future time will see harvests of plenty, and when we do we will no doubt feel no less satisfied than we did this evening while consuming our home grown fare.

It was fitting reward I think after a day spent finding ways to foil the most pedantic of building inspector, while at the same time trying to consolidate twenty years of computer files.   At least the building stuff has an end in sight!

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