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Friday, April 16, 2010

Out of Sorts

Another day entirely with a brush in hand, with the grand dog at my feet.  Poor old Sam is just a bit out of sorts at all of the translocation he's been suffering of late, and the attention he gets round here has him entirely confused.

He's rarely more than a few metres from one of us during the day, and if I put my shoes on to go out he's at my ankles, which is why it was unusual for him to go AWOL this afternoon for half an hour or so.

We needn't have worried (we didn't actually) as he was just sitting in the car as we packed it ready to visit the kids in the big smoke once again.    

He must be having a dreadful time working out who he owes for his last meal.


Julie said...

umm ... is that a grin or has he lost control of his falsies?

bitingmidge said...

He is indeed a happy chap with a visage unfortunate!

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