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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No turning back.

Just why it took until today for me to walk around the beach to Roger and Margaret's place to take a photo of ours is not something I can explain.

Perhaps there's some sort of genetic link to Lot's wife, because today their people advised our people that the contract had been signed and was being posted back this afternoon. It seems we are finallly on the move.

It's an interesting view really, looking back.

While we can see but one house, they can see several. We aren't aware of the dominating form of the place next to ours from within our own boundaries, nor can we see the line of pontoons which seem to serve no purpose other than to anchor the occasional crab pot.

It may very well be all over tomorrow, this nine months gestation of our new direction or at least the impetus for it.

There again, I did look back today, and thankfully I'm not yet a pillar of salt, so perhaps that's just another sign that our journey has not yet begun.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Great news.

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