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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today's photo wasn't technically taken today, or even this century, but when Joan recognised the people in yesterday's post, I wondered if she'd remember this car.    She was actually a passenger one day when we were pulled up by a policeman, the first we had ever seen wearing a gun.   We had done nothing wrong, and I have no idea why my poor little car used to draw so much attention to itself and it's long haired drive.  On that day, as on many other occasions we were let off with a "warning".   A warning for exactly what I never discovered, although on one occasion after telling the nice policeman no I hadn't had a drink, and he telling me they'd get me one day, and me explaining that as I didn't drink that may be quite difficult to do, he did offer that there was the "or a drug" option.  Being absolutely too smart to respond instantly, I was "let off" with another warning.

Which is exactly what happened to Jen today, or at least her car.  Parked happily as it was on the nine metres of footpath, at least six from the road itself, a ticket appeared advising that the car had committed an offence and that the penalty was ZERO. 

Now it has to be said that I'm older, but not much wiser, and no less angry about authority, so I spent a pleasant hour drafting all sorts of notes to all sorts of people in the name of our eldest.   

I wonder if she'll be brave enough to sign any of them.  


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Joan Elizabeth said...

You did have a thing for funny little cars like that ... beats me how you rolled up your legs to fit in. It all seems to long ago when you see a photo like that, and other times mere moments ago.

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