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Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am led to believe that parading in public in plastic clogs that are cheap imitations of a well known brand is decidedly uncool, perhaps even more uncool than parading in public in orange versions of the well known brand.

Fortunately for me, parading around in caravan parks is socially acceptable it seems, as indeed is wearing them for any workshop related task where thongs don't provide enough protection.  They've been copping a bit of a flogging of late, plastered, splashed with artists acrylic paint and tile cement, but I know that I only have to sneak them into the washing machine with a bunch of towels and they'll come out as good as new.  (Just don't tell you know who my secret!)

I had thought of giving them a whirl in the dishwasher, but they don't quite sit in the plate racks like thongs do, and I'm not sure if the heat would do them harm.

I have a dark grey pair as well, but I keep them for best.  Actually if rumours are correct, we may be seeing the last of the cheapies, which is a shame because while I can't remember exactly what these cost I did buy a watch and a pair of thongs at the same time and had change from twenty five dollars.


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