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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Testing Times

Just in case what we have been told actually turns out to be, we decided that we really should start the ugly process of finding a new habitat for ourselves.  

It took no time at all to discover that when one is blissfully happy with one's situation, one tends to get very very particular about replacing it with a lesser one.  To be frank, our pair of wheely bins would provide a larger and aesthetically more pleasing abode than some of the "exclusive addresses" we have visited today.

The general tawdriness of what we saw combined with the fact that nothing is actually for sale, but "open for offers" or "expresssions of interest" or "tender" or "auction", so there is no way of gauging how much one is expected to pay, nor whether one's offer would have a hope of reasonable acceptance by a vendor!

That will teach us for going out over Easter!

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Happy Easter!! We've just waved off our guests so I'm quickly catching up before settling down by the fire. Thanks for the reminder of how awful house hunting can be ... I think we'll just stay put in our happy home for a while longer so you can safely bank on our B&B being open for a lot more visits.

PS the lovely weather you brought with you has lasted right through Easter ... it's been just magic this weekend.

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