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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today the Building and Pest inspections went without a hitch.

Today was the day the "cooling off" period in the contract was to have expired.  Just how a government actually cools off was not explained.  Neither, given that the inclusion of such an instrument in a contract was designed to overcome pressure sales tactics applied to unsuspecting old ladies by gold toothed rats wearing white shoes rather than considered and protracted resumption purchases by governments, was the reason for actually having such a provision in the contract.

Today was the day we received the letter from their people advising that the revised alignment of the highway has been reconsidered and that there will be no need for resumptions in our neighbourhood and that they'll catch up for a chat in a few weeks.

Today we are not quite sure exactly what is going on, but why, we ask ourselves, should today be any different to any other day in the last eight months or so?

Today was a day filled with very strange emotions indeed.

As is always the case when one is in the midst of great personal turmoil, the rest of the world raced by, going about its business without so much as a sideways glance.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Good grief -- the roller coaster rides on.

bitingmidge said...

Sure does!

We still have a contract, and we THINK it's proceeding.

There's a lot of thinking happening round here right now!

Ann said...

Whoa - Joan's right, that certainly is a roller coaster. Hope it sorts out soon so you know where you are.

cara said...

Does this mean you are staying put for now? I'm confused!

bitingmidge said...

We're confused too!

We think the contract is still in place, well it is a contract after all.....

Julie said...

It's a govt contract ...

Mike said...

Mr. Midge,
I look forward each day to your thoughtful photos and musings.

Sometimes I am unsure if you are sad or happy to leave your home.

In any event thankyou for sharing your introspections.


bitingmidge said...

Gidday Mike, thanks for popping in, when we've worked out our emotions, we'll let you know!

It won't be hard to interpret.


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