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Saturday, April 17, 2010


By a strange quirk of world time, we spoke to an absent husband in America last night when it was this afternoon here, and this morning in London,  all within twenty minutes of one another.

It was even stranger to have all three of the girls sitting around a table once again, chatting, laughing and going mad because they were in their dressing gowns (well the one in London was) and I was wandering round with my camera and the mother busy in the kitchen.  How incredible is technology when we can walk someone in London around the new house renovations, show them the unborn baby moving and see that they are apparently eating well enough all before tea time on a Saturday.

Meanwhile on the outside, after a day of blokey endeavour, the side screens for the new deck are ready to erect in the morning, just in time for a thing called a baby shower. While inside the gastronomical preparations seemed endless.

I've heard of raining cats and dogs, but really, a baby "shower"?

I suppose with two arriving in the next six months, we will have had more than our share of baby precipitation by year's end. 


1 comment

Julie said...

There you go with your numerical one-ups-man-ship again ... *grin*
I did not realise you had three daughters ... somehow I had thought two.

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