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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Big Day in the Office -
Toul to Toul

We’d arranged to leave at nine; office hours for the locks and respectable cruising types. That would give us a few minutes after waking to put the coffee on and complete the day’s ablutions without feeling too pressed.

Intending to head vaguely in a westerly direction we thought a quick stop at the upper harbour would be in order for a bit of victualling.  We could top up with fuel we thought as well.  It would be a bit of a stretch to call it by it’s proper nautical name “bunkering”, when the amount being bunkered is forty litres so we just call it “getting diesel”.   

That thought was to be our undoing, because lying in the harbour and apparently intent on ambushing us was the boat of our Dutch friends Paul and Carla.

Today our ship’s log reads: 
Start Time: 09:10
Distance Travelled: 1.53 kilometres
Average Speed: 2.6kph
Finish Time:09:46

We sat in the shade all day, enjoying the perfect summer weather and catching up on each other’s news.  We didn’t get finished either despite carrying on well into the night.  We like Toul, so we may as well stay here tomorrow night we think.

It is clear that we aren’t going to get as far as the Somme this year.


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