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Monday, June 23, 2014

A day off-

We’re sitting in the port surrounded by barges and pretending grownups just like them, but they have engine rooms that I can walk around in, bow thrusters powered by bigger engines than our Mr P, and water tanks that hold more water than our entire boat weighs.    Betty B has to be moved forward tomorrow, and if we don’t particularly fancy trying to extract a hundred ton or so of steel from our sink waste, I suspect that’s a hint that it’s time for us to move as well.

We could have gone today actually.  Duncan finished his fixy-thing well before lunch time, although Mr P is behaving like a snotty kid dripping one little drip of diesel from one line today, and just to spite us nothing when the motor was running, a token splatter of oil, like an ill-timed sneeze is the best that he could do.  We are prepared to live with that for a bit.

Instead of moving, we simply sat around reading, snoozing and hammering the clips into yet another curtain. We figured we were robbed of a day off yesterday, having to spend all of it awake and on the water, so we did our best to make up for it today.

Tomorrow, we’ll begin our trek north.

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